Paid Advertising & Media Buying 

Data Backed, Results Driven 

Put your brand and message in front of the right audience, at the right time with the help of OMG’s media solutions team. Reach your consumers with data backed, results driven solutions using digital social, and traditional mediums including: 



  • Local Broadcast, Network, Cable


  • Digital, Terrestrial, Network


  • Billboards, Wraps, Sporting Events


Connected TV 

  • Firestick, Chromecast, Mobile & Desktop Streaming 


  • Geo-Fencing, Native, Mobile & Web 

Online Video 

  • In-Stream, Out-Stream, Skippable & Unskippable 

Social Media 

  • Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, more 

Search & Pay-Per-Click 

  • Adwords, Search Retargeting, Search Boosting 

At OMG, we partner with some of the largest data firms in the world to provide our clients with advanced targeting and analytics geared toward efficiency and accuracy. 

We combine our comprehensive data sets with state-of-the-art art monitoring, analytics, and reporting tools that allow us to put results firsts.