Brand Monitoring & Competitive Research 

Your Brand Highlighted, Your Competition Exposed 

OMG monitors both your brand and your competition’s brands to better understand your industry’s media landscape in real time. 

With comprehensive data sets and one of the largest databases of television stations, radio stations, content producers, and social media accounts in the world, OMG can monitor the effectiveness of your past and current campaigns and deconstruct your competitor’s strategies. 

Share of Voice & Mindshare 

  • How much of the marketplace do you command? 

Sentiment Tracking 

  • How do consumers feel about your messaging? 

Prominent Terms 

  • What are people saying about your brand? 

Historical Trends 

  • Has your brand performed over time? 

Media Value & Impact 

  • How much is your media really worth to your target audience? 

Media Optimization 

  • Use monitoring and competitive tracking to optimize your strategy.